Non-formal Pathway as Alternative Solution

Kompas, page 12

Alternative Education as one of the choices in school service provisioning to the public could be one of the solutions to tackle dropouts. This means is realistic because not all Indonesia’s children fit the pattern of learning in formal schools. Deputy Chairman of  House Commission X, Ferdiansyah said, the primary mission of education is to educate the nation. The means is not only through formal schooling, but also through the non-formal and informal systems.

He is of the opinion, there are children who cannot follow formal education because their surrounding environment is unfavorable. For example, children who must help parents work in the field and in the sea or those who live in territories too far from formal schools. Therefore, according to Ferdiansyah, instead of building formal schools it would be better to provide them with non-formal education such as Kejar Paket or community education. In addition to offsetting the cost, this is also relevant to their daily lives.

Based on Bappenas data of 2014, a total of 40.4 percent of reasons students do not continue school is the family has no budget. Meanwhile, 12.4 percent of students was because they had to help parents earn a living. 6.6 percent consider education has no effect on improving the family welfare; and 2.9 percent of reasons is due to the schools being far from the home.

Ferdiansyah added, he did not deny the Smart Indonesia Card and Hope Family Program were to help lower the school dropout rate. However, non-conventional solutions are still necessary. The one roof school system that utilizes classrooms in turns for primary school (SD) to high school (SMA) could also be considered to be propagated.



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