Opportunities Ofered for Productive Teacher Positions

Kompas, page 12

A total of 15,000 vocational and high school teachers were given the opportunity to fill the shortage of productive  teachers in vocational high schools (SMK). These  pure science teachers were prepared to be productive  teachers in the vocational schools  with specific skills, such as agriculture, maritime/marine, business, tourism and creative economics. The Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel of Kemendikbud, Sumarna Surapranata said that the functional change/conversion   of the vocational high school (SMK) and high school  (SMA) adaptive teachers  into   productive teachers was an urgent step to fill the shortage of productive SMK  teachers today. The government has targeted  to meet the number of productive SMK  teachers of about 91,000 by 2019.

As the initial step, the teachers who have been converted to  productive teachers were given a second or additional professional certificate. They will be able to  teach  productive subjects in accordance with their abilities and interests.

Teachers who are willing are  welcome to register online, starting from  October 8 to 22.  They are to be tested online in order to know their appropriate capabilities and potential expertise. According to Sumarna, adaptive teachers, such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and English   reached   5,700 teachers. The most came from high school teachers totaling 9,300.

SMK practitioner Priyanto said that the conversion into productive teachers was not too beneficial  and only used up/wasted  the budget. This is because  the productive teachers in addition to being competent must also be experienced in understanding the development of the industries  through internships.



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