Book Suspected of Having Pornographic Content is in Circulation

Republika, page 5

An edition of Physical, Sport and Health Education (Penjaskes) book for grade V in Pasaman Regency, West Sumatra was suspected of having pornographic content. This book contains questions about human reproduction in Chapter V page 55-61.

Head of Basic Education Affairs of the Department of Education for Pasaman, Budi Indrawan, Tuesday (4/10) said that his team has visited a number of schools to confirm the existence of such a book. However, he added that Department of Education has not undertaken any further action as yet. His department will firstly discuss whether the book really does have pornographic content.

He revealed that the questions in this Penjaskes book use scientific language. Those questions discuss the cleanliness of human genitalia. Certain questions are considered as being inappropriate for the age of students who will use the book.

He explained that this book was published by a national publisher that has passed selection from the Ministry of National Education. He confirmed that his department cannot issue any instruction to recall the book because it must then be withdrawn on a national scale.



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