Certification Agencies to be Strengthened

Media Indonesia, page 10

It is time strengthening the role of the certification agencies should be synergized with the output of higher education that would generate professional and competent manpower. It is necessary because the free market era is greatly determined by the quality of human resources.

The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, M Nasir assessed that the competence of Indonesia’s human resources still needs to be improved/ enhanced. Nasir said that the certification agencies must truly provide certification that is in accordance with competences. The simplest indicator that shows a person has the required competence is that he/she is able to work professionally when accepted in the world of work.   But in fact according to Nasir there are still many university graduates who have not been absorbed in the world of work, partly due to their competences that are not in accordance with needs. In addition, not infrequently their certificates are also only modest.

Meanwhile, Head of the National Standardization Agency (BSN) Bambang Prasetya did not deny the need for strengthening the certification bodies, although Indonesia is currently one of two countries that have gained international recognition in terms of competence certification.

The certification in Indonesia that has been recognized refers to SNI ISO / IEC 17024. However, the assessment of management systems and human resource competencies still need to be strengthened. Bambang said that he still wanted to further improve the standardization quality both in higher education/university as generators of human resources and in the certification agencies.


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