Despite Rejection from DPD, Mendikbud Will Continue Full Day School

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

The House of Representatives (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia Committee III did not approve the discourse to add school hours, or full day school (FDS). They questioned the basis for implementing the FDS policy, but Mendikbud Muhadjir Effendy said that his Ministry will confidently continue to implement FDS. He admitted that since his appointment as Mendikbud, there are four matters to resolve: (1) vocational education, (2) acceleration and right targeting of the Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) program, (3) implementation of the mental revolution in the field of education, and (4) efficiently arranging all parts of the educational sector, particularly in regard to budget use.

Muhadjir added that in relation to character building, his Ministry will not change K-13. The character building will be added in the form of co-curricular, namely the Strengthening of Character Building (PPK) program. He further said that co-curricular activities will involve resources at school by prioritizing excellence, as well as local wisdom to develop PPK. In addition, Kemendikbud will ask for the assistance of cultural experts and artists in this character building program.

PPK has purposes to optimize student involvement. In regard to this, the paradigm relating to PPK will be changed by improving teachers’ behavior, revitalization of the role of headmasters and that of the school committee.

Such a paradigm must be changed to create a more agreeable school environment so that students will be content to stay at school longer. In regard to the implementation of PPK, Muhadjir said that his Ministry has prepared a road map. The finalization of the concept will be conducted from October to December 2016 through Phase One and Phase Two trials. According to the road map, Phase One will involve 42 schools that implement PPK and 500 schools in Phase Two.



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