North Barito Still in Shortage of 500 Teachers

North Barito Regency Administration, Central Kalimantan, is now still in shortage of around 500 teachers from various school levels. Head of North Barito Education Agency, Elpi Epanop said the shortage of teachers occurred because there are relatively many one roof system schools that still need teachers, whereas on the other hand, a number of teachers have in fact entered retirement period.

Plus in the last several years there were no recruitment for new civil servant (CPNS) personnel for teachers, so it affected the number of shortages of teachers in this region. She hoped there would be recruitment of CPNS for teachers next year, in order to fill the shortage of teachers in schools in remote villages.

Regarding teacher distribution, she admitted that in North Barito Regency it is relatively uneven or excessive in regency capitols and cities, while short in the villages. Equitable distribution of teachers in this region is a challenge, because there are already many teachers who settle with their families, both within the city or in sub-district capitols.

However, continued Elpi, currently, with the presence of the teacher certification program, some teachers who originally served in schools in the city out of their own accord, have asked to be moved to schools requiring teachers in the villages. This is done by teachers to fulfill the target hours for teaching certification, in accordance with the prevailing rule of 24 hours.




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