School Fees in Malang Could be Paid with Garbage

Various ways could be taken to pay school fees. One unique way is applied in SMKN 6 Malang City. In this technology vocational school students are advised/ encouraged to collect garbage to pay for their monthly school fees. Since two months ago the school opened a waste bank. Its aim is to ease payment of school fees from the sale of unused goods.

SMKN 6 Garbage Management Coordinator, Sulaiman Sulang said the official launching of the school’s waste bank had only been conducted a week ago. He said after a two-month trial, it turned out students’ interest was quite high so it has officially been implemented this past week.

Students of SMKN 6 were asked to voluntarily collect garbage in school. The garbage is then weighed and given a price per kilogram according to type. Bottle trash is valued at Rp 2,500 per kilogram, HVS paper at Rp 3,500 per kilogram, and newspaper for Rp 2 thousand per kilogram.

Each child depositing waste could get a note/record book. The proceeds of waste sale of each child would be accumulated at the end of the month. The school fee of Rp 175 thousand per month is automatically taken from the balance of garbage sale of each student.

The idea to open the waste bank was a follow up of the school’s achievement of winning the title of Adiwiyata Mandiri school. Adiwiyata Mandiri is the highest appreciation in the country to  schools who care/are aware of and love the environment. In addition, the implementation of the waste bank system is also based on the presence of students’ parents who asked for school fee waivers. To date 40 percent of 2,600 SMKN 6 students applied for education fee waiver. The idea of the waste bank is considered an effective solution to ease the burden of parents.




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