Focus on Quality Improvement

Kompas, page 12

Increasing the number of schools and classrooms does not automatically improve the quality of education. It is time to change the focus of policy on improving the quality of all types of education, formal and non-formal. Lant Pritchett, Professor of International Development of the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, US, when giving a public lecture at Jakarta State University, on Wednesday (5/10) said, in the case of Indonesia, the quality of the best schools in fact has not reached the average standard of global education quality. This signifies there is something wrong in the entire national education system such that it does not bring significant progress.

The cause of the problem, starting from formulation of the curriculum, teacher preparation, to shaping the education ecosystem does not provide added value. Pritchett added, if so, it is natural that a student chooses to drop out of school because the school is considered not providing the knowledge/science needed in life.

Interventions to be conducted are to pour the national education goals into measurable indicators in every education level. These indicators should be adjusted to the teacher’s ability to educate on the ground. Do not let the given requirements to be too high, meanwhile the people involved in the education process are not given briefing/ instruction.

Professor of Education of the Jakarta State University Fasli Djalal acting as moderator stated the importance of the presence of innovation space for teachers, education personnel, and the education system. What is fitting to be maintained is the achievement indicators as well as method standard must follow the national requirements. Unfortunately, on the ground there many teachers as well as supervisors who are afraid to improvise.



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