Jokowi Instructs Minister to Prioritize Poor Children’s Access to Education

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has instructed Education Minister Muhajir Effendy to complete the distribution of the Indonesia Smart Card, or KIP, to children who lack proper schools.

Based on a presidential instruction, the Ministry of Education and Culture should provide the cards, which provide financial assistance for education to all school-aged children from disadvantaged families.

In a limited cabinet meeting in Jakarta on Wednesday (05/10), Jokow said, the education minister should complete the distribution of the KIP, making sure that the program reaches poor children and that it is on target. The president added that he expects poor children to have better access to education and it should be a priority.

Muhajir was further tasked with improving damaged educational infrastructure, such as in remote regions. Jokowi also called for extra efforts to start a massive development to increase the quality of education in the archipelago.

Jokowi said that he has been informed that there are 1.8 million classrooms, but only 466,000 of them are in good condition. The president added that based on a report, 100,000 of the country’s 212,000 schools have yet to acquire educational maintenance facilities. Massive reconstruction should be undertaken soon.





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