PAUD Teachers Lack Government Attention

Indopos, page 3

In facing the demographic bonus, the government is expected to prepare the quality and competencies of Human Resources (HR) since early on. One of them is by improving the quality and professionalism of Early Childhood (PAUD) teachers in order to improve the quality of early childhood education which is still currently low.

Child education expert cum PAUD observer, Zita Anjani revealed that improving the quality of teachers should be appropriate and meet the current needs. One way is through the 1000 PAUD and kindergarten teachers’ training movement. According to Zita, the PAUD teachers could receive training and equipping such as storytelling, psychology and up to education and childcare.

Zita stated that so far the government’s attention in the form of training for the PAUD teachers was felt to be very lacking and rigid. Besides that the material that was given in the training/provisioning was already out of date.  So there often appeared constraints of teachers weak in class management.

In response to this issue, the Director General of Early Childhood and Community Education of Kemendikbud, Harris Iskandar said that at present the government was in the midst of preparing training and provisioning program for PAUD teachers.



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