Synergy of Education Cost Needed

Kompas, page 11

Education should be seen as investment in the future that needs to be well prepared from now. However, the world is currently facing the challenge of declining investment in education, as opposed to investment in infrastructure development. Actually, the world is committed to ensuring that all children be able to enjoy education.   Expert Staff of Minister of Education and Culture, Ananto Kusuma Seta said it is time to encourage the participation of the public, including students’ parents, to pay for/ finance education.

Ananto explained in the midst of challenges to remain committed to investment in education, Indonesia was selected as one of the members in The International Commission on Financing Global Opportunity or The Education Commission, a group of global leaders under the coordination of the UN. He said the affairs of education funding do not rely only on the government and regional administrations. It is also open to public participation.  In the Law of National Education System, the involvement of the public in education funding is also present.

According to Ananto, one of the efforts conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) is to again encourage the participation of the public including students’ parents. Assistance from students’ parents or other components of the public to provide education funding assistance in school is open, including renewing the role of the school principal as manager who is able to raise funds from the public. Similarly, the School Committee acts to disburse the education fund assistance from various parties.

Globally, investment in education from aid which is currently worth USD 3.5 billion is targeted to increase to USD 20 billion in 2020. This investment is to provide education for about 850 million children in low and medium income countries who do not have the basic skills to face the labor market.

Imam Usman, Youth Panel representative of The Education Commission from Indonesia said the current global challenge is not merely making youths be in school.  After they are in school, it should also be ascertained they get/obtain quality education in order to have the required competencies. So, learning is not merely completing a subject/ course. This means there is the need to guarantee the quality of teachers and materials.



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