Twelve State Polytechnics to be Revitalized Next Year

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) will revitalize 12 state polytechnics to strengthen vocational education at the university level. It will also cooperate with a number of countries to focus these polytechnics on specific fields.

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Mohammad Nasir said that the target for 2017 is to revitalize 12 polytechnics. His Ministry will cooperate with Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan, Canada and Switzerland. In addition to the revitalization, the teachers for polytechnic will not only be academics but also come from industries. Therefore, those from industry who have not yet obtained an S-2 (master) degree will firstly undertake qualification of competence.

The revitalization is being carried out by making specific fields as the featured program for an institution. This is in line with instruction from President Joko Widodo considering that to date technical personnel in Indonesia as resources for industry are lacking both in quantity and quality. Nasir added that general polytechnics will be specialized into certain fields, for example a polytechnic specialized in mining.




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