Books of Alleged Pornographic Content Secured

Republika, page 5

The Education Agency (Disdik) of Pasaman Regency, West Sumatera, instructed all primary schools to secure the Physical Education, Sports and Health Book for grade V Primary School because it is presumed to contain pornography.

Head of Primary Education Division of Pasaman Education Agency, Budi Indrawan said the security instruction was done after a Circular Letter of the Provincial Education and Culture Agency (Disdikbud). In addition, he would also immediately write to the ministry on the circulation of the book and to review its circulation.

Meanwhile, Head of Primary Education Division (Dikdas) of the West Sumatera Education and Culture Agency, Bustavidia explained, the circular letter prohibited the book from being taught in school. In addition, the content is also in the form of an appeal to the regency/city agency head to collect the books and report the number already circulating in the region of West Sumatera.



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