Function of Higher Education is not Only Teaching Theory

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

Director General of Higher Education Science and Technology Resources,  Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), Prof Ali Ghufron Mukti, said higher education does not only run the core function of teaching theory to learners. However, it must be balanced with practice. The reason is industry would absorb manpower with the capacity to apply theory.   Ghufron said so far there are still many universities (PT) whose theory learning is not balanced with practice. This is evidenced from the still many graduates who are not absorbed in the job market because they are not competitive. Actually, the task of universities is to direct students to be oriented towards entrepreneurship.

In addition to practice, Ghufron also said in improving HR into becoming highly competitive, PT must instill character and morals. Because a nation would progress if it has cultured human resources, who are of character, and with morals.

Ghufron explained, by having good culture and character, PT graduates could work thoroughly and disciplined, as well as not easily giving up in the face of challenges.  Therefore, PT should build the learners character from early on. Ghufron added, in applying the university Tri Dharma, all research should contribute to society.

Furthermore, Ghufron also said, the issue of Indonesia’s education which is one of the constraints to improving competitiveness is the lecturer. There are still many lecturers with undergraduate (S1) diplomas. In fact, based on higher education regulations, lecturers should hold a minimum of master’s degree (S2). Indonesia is still in shortage of S2 lecturers, and the number of professors is still very few. The minimal number of professors prompts the number of publications of scientific works to be very low compared to other countries. Indonesia is even behind compared to ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.



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