Muhadjir: 20 Percent of Papua APBD is for Education

Republika, page 5

Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy said in Merauke, Thursday (6/9), he expected regents and mayors in Papua to allocate 20 percent of the regional budget (APBD) for development of the education sector in the respective regions. He had already conveyed this to Papua Governor Lukas Enembe.

Moreover, continued Muhadjir, the mandate of the law has regulated it, so the regional administrations are obligated to apply it in order for the education sector to experience a change for the better. The 20 percent of APBD budget allocation for education does not include the general allocation fund or DAU (Dana Alokasi Umum) and the special allocation fund or DAK (Dana Alokasi Khusus).

Muhadjir said one of the regions that have declared ready to allocate a portion of the APBD as the formula for education progress is Merauke. This had been conveyed by the Merauke Regent to him saying he was ready to apply it.

Muhadjir explained, in 2016 the APBN fund for the education world reaches Rp400 trillion, however the fund is divided still again, for example budget for education function to several Ministries, so the total for the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) itself is Rp39 trillion which is also used for fund allocation of the Smart Indonesia Card (KIP) and professional allowance for teachers of private schools. He added, of the total budget, 65 percent is relegated to regencies/cities through DAU, DAK for payment of teacher salaries and teacher professional allowances as well as school operational assistance. He hopes with this quite large aid, the regional administrations could already be able to build their respective regions.



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