Spur Women’s Interest to Become Researchers

Kompas, page 12

The role of researchers is needed to generate a variety of innovations that support improvement in human welfare.  Unfortunately, the world of research is currently faced with challenges in the lack of young people’s interest in the research world. Hence are the main ideas in a talk with a number of research and women observers initiated by L`Oreal Indonesia, in Jakarta, on Thursday (6/10).

In the forum it was revealed, Indonesia has a low researcher ratio compared to other countries. Data of the Indonesia Institute of Sciences show the researcher ratio to be 90 persons per 1 million population. India whose condition is similar to Indonesia has 140 researchers per 1 million population. Melanie Masriel, Head of Communications of PT L`Oreal Indonesia said, the number of researchers should continue to be increased, especially women researchers. Globally, the percentage of researcher women is 30 percent of total researchers.

In Indonesia, there are only 31 percent researcher women.    In 2013, the number of Indonesia’s researchers totaled 10,111 people, then, in 2015 it came to 11,069 people. In 2014, only 0.2 percent of students continue on to the doctoral level. Actually, in the undergraduate (S-1) level, the number of female students is greater, i.e.: 52 percent.

Ines Atmosukarto, CEO of one of the research companies in Canberra, Australia, said interest to become researcher among the young generation is minimal. The reason being the challenge is considered great, yet with minimal rewards. He also said women are yet to be represented equally in the research world. In fact, women also have the potential and advantage in research.



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