Bidikmisi Quota for Private Universities Enlarged

Republika, page 5

Directorate General (Ditjen) of Learning and Students (Belmawa) of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), Intan Ahmad said that the quota of Bidikmisi scholarship for private universities (PTS) will be increased. The government currently provides 10,000 Bidikmisi scholarships for PTS students. This quota is lower compared to Bidikmisi quota for state university (PTN) students. For this year, the government has provided opportunity for some 65,000 PTN students who are deserving of Bidikmisi scholarships.

Intan added that despite the large disparity in the quotas, this does not mean there will be a quota transfer from PTS to PTN or vice versa. The quota for PTS will be increased when necessary. Information on the quota of Bidikmisi scholarships for PTS has been disseminated to the Coordinator of Private Universities (Kopertis) for areas I to XIV at this moment. The data of candidates to receive Bidikmisi have not been fixed due to data collection from each Kopertis not yet being completed.

There are still a large number interested in obtaining Bidikmisi both from PTN and PTS students. However, his Directorate will not raise the nominal fee of the scholarship. Currently, students on Bidikmisi scholarship receive Rp600,000 each month for living expenses and Rp2.4 million every semester for educational tuition.

Secretary of Ditjen Belmawa Kemenristekdikti, Sutrisna Wibawa, stressed that the purpose of Bidikmisi scholarship is to enhance the opportunity of university education for underprivileged students who have high academic potential. The education fund is provided for students who meet the required criteria to continue their education in diploma or undergraduate programs and complete them within the designated time.



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