British Embassy Offers Dozens of Chevening Scholarship Quota

The British Embassy Jakarta in cooperation with the Indonesian Government provides dozens of Chevening Scholarship quota for Indonesian students. Representative of the British Embassy, Melisa said this year they opened 68 slots and next year the number of recipients would be further increased. This was conveyed on the sidelines of the “Info Session for Chevening Scholarship” event at the University of Diponegoro Semarang, Friday.

Melisa explained the Chevening Scholarship is a strata two (S-2) graduate degree scholarship for Indonesian students who are accepted to study in the UK, in any university and department/faculty. Chevening will provide scholarships that include tuition, living cost, airfare, and others. However, he said students who have already received the Chevening Scholarship should be able to pass/complete the masters’ program within 12 months.  If more than the prescribed time, she continued, students must pay for all costs after the one year period.

She added, after graduating, the scholarship recipient must be committed to return to Indonesia first for two years. The 2016 Chevening Scholarship registration is open until next 8 November one of the requirements to be met by the registrants is a minimum two year work experience.




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