DPR Chairman: Pesantren is Central Pillar of National Education


House of Representatives (DPR) Chairman Ade Komarudin stated Islamic boarding schools or pondok pesantren (ponpes) are the cornerstone of national education which has so far not relied on government funding.  According to Ade, ponpes teaches multi-knowledge to their students. Not only religion and instilling religion-based character, but also general knowledge, diversity, and self-reliance.    This was conveyed by Ade after opening the 64th Celebration of Gratitude of Ponpes Al-Amien Prenduan in Sumenep, East Java,   Saturday (8/10).

Ade said, ponpes teaches self-reliance and noble values of struggle for the benefit of the people. Ponpes management/organizers never relied funding on the government to support their institutions.

In that context, a legislator should observe the activities of ponpes that survives from the strength of commitment and loyalty of their organizers/ management. Ade deems legislators should help and contribute so that ponpes exists as forum of education and struggle.

Link: http://www.beritasatu.com/nasional/391456-ketua-dpr-pesantren-soko-guru-pendidikan-nasional.html



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