Menaker: Universities have Role to Create Qualified Manpower for Industrial World

Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Hanif Dhakiri said universities have the obligation to take part in creating qualified workforce. He said the challenge of higher education is currently to create qualified workforce who are in accordance with conditions and the industrial world in Indonesia today. Because, he said, the current need for workforce is one that is knowledge-based so universities have the important role to realizing this.

He also mentioned Indonesia is currently in the midst of striving to become a country with the seventh largest economy in the world by 2030. In order to realize this, a total 113 million skilled manpower are needed. Meanwhile this year the skilled workforce is only approximately 55 million people. Hence there are still 58 million workforce to be prepared within a time span of 14 years before entering 2030; with a calculation of four million skilled workforce must be created annually.

Hanif considers it to be a joint task, of both the business world, the government, including higher education, in preparing the skilled and knowledge-based workforce.

Meanwhile, Rector of the Padang State University (UNP) Ganefri mentioned he was aware the demands of industry towards skilled workforce would be increasingly higher, moreover with the enactment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). He said to face this UNP has conducted several efforts to prepare their students including training collaborations with the business world, and working together with the professional certification institution.




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