Family the Determinant of Nation’s Progress

Media Indonesia, page 12

Presidents Joko Widodo (Jokowi) affirmed Indonesia should be capable of becoming a developed country and nation amid the tight global competition today. The key to the progress of a nation would be determined by the quality of the nuclear family. Jokowi disclosed this when reviewing the National Family Planning program in Piyungan sub-district, Bantul Regency, yesterday (9/10).

According to Jokowi, parents’ desire to have one or two children is no problem provided it is well planned. The planning involves birth and after birth which is certain to require cost for clothes, shoes, cost for schooling, including uniforms and school bags.

Therefore, Jokowi asked that family planning be conducted from the outset by setting aside for their children’s education fees up to a high level. In addition, no less important is for parents to pay attention to the child’s nutrition since in the womb and after birth. He also asked the Head of BKKBN to continue escorting the family planning program so young families do not take the wrong step in building a family from the beginning.



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