Former President Habibie Inaugurates International Islamic School Alliance

Indonesia’s third president BJ Habibie inaugurated the International Islamic Schools Alliance (ITTISHAL) Surakarta and opened an International Conference on Islamic Education 2016 here on Monday. The ITTISHAL was established by a foundation, “Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Al Firdaus Surakarta, Ponpes Modern Islam Assalaam, and an Islamic school in France, “Institut Prive Alif.”

The International Conference on Islamic Education (ICIE) 2016 is taking place from Monday to Wednesday (Oct 10 to 12), according to the ITTISHAL President Director, Eny Rahma Zaenah. Eny further said the ICIE is participated in by 300 delegations, from India, Sweden, Sudan, Malaysia, South Africa, Mozambique, Brunei Darussalam, Canada and the host, Indonesia.

Eny also remarked that the 2016 ICIE wishes to restore the glory of Islam through education by working through the ITTISHAL. On the occasion, BJ Habibie expressed the hope that the alliance of international schools will be able to provide information which is not patronizing, thus giving ensuring a positive synergy for the next generation to progress.

Habibie also underlined the need to prepare reliable human resources and advocated a synergy among religion, culture and science and technology. According to Habibie, the school must prepare competent human resources who should be productive in order to be able to face the global competition. He pointed out that the synergy between religion and culture will make the mankind to have high faith and be god-fearing.




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