Kemendikbud Supports the Removal of Homework

Indopos, page 1

A daring policy has been taken by the Purwakarta Regent, Dedy Mulyadi.  Dedi has  prohibited  teachers to assign homework (PR)  to students. This policy has received a positive response from  the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). The  Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK) of Kemendikbud, Sumarna Surapranata said that the Purwakarta regent’s policy  should be appreciated.

Surapranata explained that in its development, homework assignments were no longer relevant. He pointed out that many teachers have hastily assigned homework to students. But apparently the homework was also not correctly checked after collected from the students. In addition, some of the homework was time consuming and so the lessons were not thoroughly discussed. Besides that the elimination of homework could make the  teachers concentrate more on their teaching in class.

Nonetheless, the support of the  Kemendikbud on the elimination of homework  was not fully felt. Surapranata said that the Kemendikbud  would  not issue a national policy on homework elimination. He asked that  the teachers could still freely  apply their learning models.

Yogyakarta State University (UNY) Rector, Rochmat Wahab has objected to the homework elimination policy. Moreover after the Kemendikbud expressed its support for elimination of homeworks. He admitted that  assigning homework by teachers still needed to be  improved, but  it did not necessarily mean that homework should be totally eliminated. Actually, according to Rochmat, the homework assignments do have positive purpose when they are conducted appropriately. For example, at a certain level homework could make the students better prepared to study the next day. Reading assignments at home are considered satisfactory and do not burden the students.



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