Many Universities Deemed Inefficient

So far, there are in fact many state or private universities in the country considered inefficient. The indication is the tendency of university managers to continuously add lecture halls and also the construction of laboratory facilities in the respective faculties. Director General of Science and Technology Human Resources of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti), Prof Dr Ali Ghufron Mukti said this is considered inefficient, because in reality each lecture hall is not always occupied with student lecture activities. So too with the existing laboratories of the respective faculties, it is not necessary for every faculty to have its own laboratory.

Therefore, in future Kemenristek Dikti would encourage the concept of sharing resources, so education acitivities in the university environment could be more effective, efficient and integrated. According to him, most universities so far have laboratories in each of their faculties.

Hence, he would encourage every university to further develop integrated laboratories that could be utilized by students of various study programs. In this way, the existing budget could be used for other more beneficial needs, for example to develop integrated laboratories in order to be more complete, or for research needs.

In addition to the issue of laboratories, Ali Ghufron also stated the presence of lecture halls in respective study programs also needs to be made more effective. This is because these lecture halls in each university are oftentimes not utilized optimally for student lecture activities. Oftentimes it is found that one lecture hall is only used for one or two lecture activities per day. In fact, each lecture hall could actually be utilized more than that.




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