Islamic Education Institutions Unite

Republika, page 5

Muslim organizations and communities have an important role in driving the improvement of the quality of education of a country. Education expert of the University of Malaysia, Badlihisham Mohammad Nur said so far the existence of Islamic organizations, communities, and Muslim movements are often viewed as negative. Actually, in reality Muslim organizations and communities are in the forefront in terms of providing contributions for improving the quality of education in a country. It was expressed in the International Conference of Islamic Education (ICIE) held by the International Islamic School Alliance (Ittishal), in Surakarta, Tuesday (11/10).

He also deems the existence of Islamic organizations in Indonesia such as Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah to also have major influence towards the education system in Indonesia. Only, Islamic organizations oftentimes run independently to develop the education institutions under their auspices.

Therefore, he saw the existence of Ittishal to be very important as a forum/medium to unite the world’s Islamic education organizers. In this way, the respective education institutions could share experiences and encourage one another in terms of improving the quality of Islamic education.

An example of an organization’s important role in Islamic education development is in North America. The Islamic education institution there has become excellent. Moreover, after hundreds of education providers decided to join in an organization named the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), established for 34 years.  ISNA Secretary General, Abdalla Idris Ali said to date there are a total of 500 Islamic education institutions that have joined ISNA. His party channeled nine million US dollars for the development of schools under the auspices of ISNA. The institution embraces businesspeople, scientists, and every Muslim community there. As a result, the schools under ISNA become great and the best compared to existing private or state schools.



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