Observer: Education System in Indonesia Not Consistent

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Rector of Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Rochmat Wahab deplored the policies on teachers and schools that still implement a failing grade system for students of grades 1 to 3. According to data from the Ministry of National Education 2015/2016, some 422,082 elementary students failed to pass to the next grade.

Rochmat said that failing grade system shows the inconsistency of education in Indonesia. At the same time, the government revoked National Examination (UN). On the other hand, the government still implements the failing grade system.

Such a system represents that for education grades 1-3 there is no fixed standard. In fact, students up to nine years old cannot be forced to study hard in terms of being forced to learn knowledge according to the curriculum. The younger generation students must have freedom and thus the curriculum must be natural.

Rochmat hoped that the government will determine a special standard for primary education grades 1-3. He revealed that the education system for students under nine years old must employ an approach that is not entirely formal.

Rochmat further added it is still their teachers’ fault that many students fail their grade. Those teachers fail to properly recognize their students’ capabilities. Teachers do not teach according to the condition of the students resulting in the education system being forced upon the students. He, therefore, hoped that the government will pay more attention to teachers who teach primary school students because any deviation happening at this level can completely ruin the national education system.



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