Optimize the Role of the Government in Islamic Education

Republika, page 5

Ministry of Religious Affairs welcomed the proposal of Draft Bill (RUU) of Madrasah and Pondok Pesantren Education as long as it is not against Law Number 20 of 2003 on National Education System (UU Sisdiknas).

Director of Madrasah and Pondok Pesantren Education of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Mochsen, said yesterday (11/10) that if the focus of this RUU is on the optimization of the government’s recognition, it is then something proper since to date, Islamic education has not obtain equality for its recognition, program and budget. Kemenag thus approved the plan to strengthen the recognition of Islamic education.

In addition, regulations and optimization of the government’s role on Islamic education through pesantren and madrasah are also necessary without opposing UU Sisdiknas because it has also regulated the education in madrasah and pesantren. However, in spite of UU Sisdiknas, there is no equality yet. A new regulation is thus necessary.

Mochsen explained that the role of local government is also important to be more serious on Islamic education so that regulation from central government can be implemented at the region level. This is a joint responsibility although Kemenag is a vertical institution.

In regard to pesantren education, its status as a non-formal education unit results in less attention from the government. Even though UU Sisdiknas does not differentiate state and private schools, pesantren is still considered as not providing any contribution to the gross enrollment ratio (GER) of education. In order to provide equality and affirmation, this matter thus needs to be regulated.



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