Parents Must Keep an Eye on Child Behavior

Koran Sindo, page 16

Pornography in children becomes a very important issue.  Based on data of the National Commission for Child Protection it is known that 97% out of 4,500 teenagers in 12 cities in Indonesia had once viewed pornography.  Similarly among students, i.e.: 60% out of 2,818 students had once viewed the indecent show.

Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, Seto Mulyadi said yesterday pornography is bad on children’s brain development. According to Kak Seto, as he is familiarly called, pornography is deviant behavior that occurs on children lacking the supervision and attention of parents or teachers. Deviant behavior, added Kak Seto, occurs on children due to uncontrolled activities, caused by parents who are too busy, no communication and demands are too high, child abuse, not knowing children’s potential, the ambitions of parents and teachers as well as discrimination.

Kak Seto said currently parents are in a race with sexual predators on the loose. Therefore, the family should be a place for children to grow comfortably. Effective communication is needed related to psychosexuality among children and parents or teachers. He said, children are directed to learn not only the science of mathematics and other subjects, but also required to be taught morals, ethics, and religion.



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