Innovations make Culture Accessible, Impactful

The Jakarta Post, page 3

Innovations in the form of digital platforms have enabled people to better understand culture and actively engage in preservation efforts, making culture more accessible for the public to explore and having significant impacts on development.

A parallel symposium at the World Culture Forum (WCF) 2016 in Nusa Dua on Wednesday engaged participants in insightful discussions about a variety of culture-related initiatives and how they can contribute socially and economically to sustainable development.

In the first symposium called “Culture in the New Digital World”, participants were invited to delve into the cultural ramifications of the contemporary digital world.

The internet has enabled new forms of cultural practices to emerge, especially in the notions of sharing and open access, creating a new environment in which to share and exchange culture with considerable ease and convenience.

The session presented Luisella Mazza, the head of operations of the Google Cultural Institute, Jill Cousins, Europeana executive director, Ahn Kwang-han, president and CEO of MBC Plus Media Korea, and Belva Devara, founder and CEO of

The Google Arts and Culture Institute and the Europeana Foundation are each working on different projects that disseminate arts and culture through digital technology, offering a new enhanced way of experiencing and appreciating culture and arts from anywhere in the world.

Mazza said, they collaborated with curators, cultural organizations and institutions and product managers in the field of technology to develop this platform. She said, it had to be easy, fast and available for free to anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

While, The Europeana Foundation collected data from cultural organizations and libraries to digitize information pertaining to artworks.

An innovative digital initiative from Indonesia,, the country’s largest educationtech startup, aims to make use of the digital trend to transform and advance the education system in the country by creating a learning management application that would allow open access, collaboration and participation of all stakeholders in the education system: students, teachers, parents and the government.



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