Non-formal Education will be Certified

Koran Sindo, page 2

The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) will require graduates from non-formal education to have professional certificates. This certificate is important to facilitate their search for employment.

The Director General of Early Childhood Education and Community Education (PAUD and Dikmas) of Kemendikbud has been working with the National Professional Certification (BNSP) Agency to ensure that students from non-formal education would meet the labor market needs.

Harris explained that the same as for formal education students, the non-formal education learners also need certificates to show that they have the competencies/qualifications, so they could be recognized to work in other countries.

According to Harris the facilitation of the BNSP in preparing the certification for non-formal education would address the challenges in the human resources field. He added that the responsibility of the Kemendikbud in this cooperation was to set the target groups and type of target institutions. The Kemendikbud would then define the areas of competencies and professions to be developed and conduct coordination in order to control and monitor together with the BNSP.

BNSP head, Bambang Prasetya, said that the workforce certification must meet the ISO 17024 in order to be internationally standardized. He said that the certification agencies in Indonesia have been internationally recognized, especially in regards to the standardization of assessment processes and the implementation of certification.



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