Teachers and Parents Determine Reading Culture

Media Indonesia, page 11

The role of teachers and parents is crucial in building awareness of the culture of reading. One effort is by providing children (students) greater opportunity to be involved in routine reading activities. According to Director of Junior High School (SMP) Development of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Supriano, government efforts through Kemendikbud in driving reading interest in school starts to gain fruition because it has been responded positively by schools.

He said the policy as stipulated in Permendikbud No. 23 Year 2015 on Character (Budi Pekerti) Nurturing, namely every school is obligated to implement book reading activity 15 minutes before the start of lessons; obtained a positive response. It was explained, the teacher could be trained further in building phonemic awareness of sounds (phonics), reading fluency, vocabulary mastery, and text comprehension skills.

Reading is greatly beneficial for achieving reading skills and helps generate cognitive ability through the development of vocabulary and general knowledge. Test results of Programme for International Student Assessment proved children who make reading as entertainment showed better academic achievement compared to children who do not make reading as a means of entertainment.

Reading also brings academic benefits by improving emotional skills, social skills, and developing creativity. Supriano added parents and teachers are evidently able to influence children’s interest in reading through motivation in the form of awards, recognition, or incentives.



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