Vice President: Improve Teacher Education

Kompas, page 11

The 8th Indonesia Education National Convention was officially opened Wednesday (12/10) night. The direction of teacher education policy becomes the main topic for two coming days. Managing the preparation of education personnel/ educators needs to be organized fundamentally and holistically. Vice President Jusuf Kalla who opened the convention said 60 percent of the education budget provided by the government has been given for teacher/educator welfare. However, the quality of education in general is not equivalent to the incentives.

Kalla asked that teacher education be well managed. One way is to hold various programs that broaden the perspectives of educators, such as lecturer exchanges among universities within the country and overseas. Also synergizing with research institutions so that teacher education is always attached to progressive technological and social developments. According to Kalla, so far the teacher and student ratio is already very adequate, that is 1 : 18. The challenge in future is for teacher distribution to be managed seriously.

This 8th Indonesia Education National Convention (Konaspi) VIII discusses the subjects of at least four major issues related to teacher education. The four matters are the quality of teacher education system which has yet to be standardized,  the teacher appointment system which is not yet based on needs on the ground, the delayed development of teacher potential and career, as well as teacher welfare. The convention is now participated by 12 state education personnel education institutions (LPTK), representatives from the association of 380 private LPTK, and 29 teacher training and education science faculties from throughout Indonesia.

Rector of the Yogyakarta State University Rochmat Wahab said one way out proposed in the Konaspi VIII was the recruitment system for prospective teachers not to use a similar system as the State Higher Education Entrance National Selection or the State Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection. The reason is that becoming a teacher must be based on a calling. Therefore, its recruitment system should be through various stages, starting from a written test to interviews, so that those selected to participate in teacher education are truly viable seeds.



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