Education in Indonesia Unable to Face Challenges

Koran Sindo, page 2

The current education system in Indonesia is considered to be unable to face future challenges. Therefore, a curriculum with a method of computational thinking should immediately be implemented, revealed Eddy Henry, Head of Student Life at Sampoerna University.

He said that this method will not only teach students on how to solve problems through technology but also encourage students to think like a computer. The Sampoerna School System has implemented this 21st century education method and the approach has been introduced from kindergarten, primary and secondary education up to university level.

Data Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 2012 revealed that Indonesia ranks 61st in reading, and 64th in Math and Science from a total of 65 countries. Moreover, the World Most Literate Nations report ranked Indonesia in the 60th of 61 countries, just one level higher than Botswana.

Director of Eduspec Indonesia, Indra Charismiadji, said that adjustment to a curriculum that can compete globally must be undertaken since developments in the world of education world are happening very rapidly. He added that the method of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) will help stem Indonesia lagging behind on education. STEM is a popular learning model in the world that has been shown effective in the implementation of integrative thematic learning.

Indonesia must become aware that the education world has changed. Schools no longer use blackboard, chalk and books, but technology. Schools implementing computational thinking will become signposts for other schools and leaders in the implementation of 21st century learning.



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