Government Supports Madrasah and Ponpes Bill

Republika, page 12

Minister of Religious Affairs (Menag), Lukman Hakim Saifudin, expressed his readiness to support the proposal regarding Draft Law (RUU) of Madrasah and Islamic Boarding School (Pondok Pesantren) Education. Earlier this Bill proposal had been initiated by the National Awakening Party Faction (FPKB) of the House of Representatives.

Menag, in the inauguration of Pondok Pesantren Baitul Quran, Cirata, Purwakarta, West Java, said on Thursday (13/10), the government is ready to support if later this bill is filed by FPKB to finally be discussed in the House.   The government does have intentions to develop madrasah and pondok pesantren which have so far existed in Indonesia.

According to Lukman, madrasah dan pondok pesantren are one of the pillars in improving the quality of religiosity of the Indonesian nation. The education models developed by madrasah and pondok pesantren, said Menag, are an integral part in effort to realizing the mandate of the constitution.

Muslim scholar cum professor of the Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB) Prof KH Didin Hafidudin supports the bill and hopes if it has become a Law, the government should not intervene too much in pesantren. Because pesantren already has its own characteristics, including curriculum.



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