Reading Culture is a Process, Cannot be Instantaneous

There are many studies stating reading interest in Indonesia is still low. In fact, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) has implemented the 15 minute reading program before the start of lessons through Permendikbud Number 23 Year 2015 on Cultivating/Fostering Character Building (Budi Pekerti) in every school.

Junior High School Development Director of Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Supriano disclosed, realizing the culture of reading begins from habituation.  Thus, fostering a culture cannot be done instantly.  It should be familiarized and repeated.   Then will it become a character and ultimately shape the culture. The Permendikbud encourages all schools, including in outposts. This was conveyed by Supriano in a Kopi Darat Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) education discussion, at the Kemdikbud Library, in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/10/2016).

He admitted with the program indeed reading is still instructional in nature. According to Supriano, the 15 minute reading program should be run first, and then slowly it would be developed.

At that opportunity, Supriano also asserted, in viewing research results or surveys on reading interest and literacy the indicators should first be looked into. The reason is, every researcher uses different indicators, such as the area sampled, age sampled, the literacy intervention in that area, and so forth.




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