Teacher Certification Not Effective

Kompas, page 11

Teacher certification is not yet effective in improving the quality of learning in Indonesia. Teacher education revitalizing is needed to boost the quality of learning and teaching in schools. This was raised in the 8th Indonesia Education National Convention, Thursday (13/10) in Jakarta. Deputy for Human Development, Community, and Culture of Bappenas Subandi Sardjoko revealed, to date the learning methods used by teachers still lean towards expository approach. In this method, the teacher dominantly explains the lesson. There is no opportunity for students to discuss and be creative with the subject matter.

Subandi’s expose referred to a World Bank study in 2014 that showed, teacher certification does provide impact on teacher welfare, but has not been able to raise the quality of learning. Measured from the results of national exams, certification has not brought significant change in the students’ learning process. Actually, Curriculum 2013 has been oriented towards student-centered learning process.

Education Academy Professor from the University of Turku, Finland, Erno Lehtinen stated education quality improvement is not measured by certification, but from the quality of teachers. This is derived from education quality in the educational institutions for education personnel (LPTK). Erno divided five keys in qualified teacher education. LPTK should focus on adaptability, pedagogical knowledge and scientific evidence, as well as knowledge of course content and its pedagogy.  LPTK must also cultivate professional ethics and provide continuous practice.

In another session, Director General for Institutional of Science Technology and Higher Education of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Patdono Suwignjo stated, one of the weak points of Indonesia’s teachers is in the vocational high school (SMK) level.    Currently, SMKs are in shortage of 91,861 productive teachers. The government strives to patch up by changing the function of high school (SMA) teachers and revitalizing the education of SMK teachers. In addition to boosting teachers from LPTK, the government also strives to attract polytechnic graduates to become vocational (SMK) teachers.



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