Education Minister: There Are Three Important Issues in Vocational Education

Suara Pembaruan, page 16, Saturday, Oct, 15

Minister of Education and Culture (Education) Muhadjir Effendy reveals three important issues related to the direction of vocational education direction in the country. He exposed the issues at the closing of the World Culture Forum 2016 in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Thursday (13/10). The Minister of Education and Culture, in this case brought together Education and Culture Attaché of the Embassies of the Republic of Indonesia (Atdikbud Embassy of Indonesia), to discuss the Direction of Vocational Education Handling.

The important issues disclosed, among others, the plan of providing certification for students of Vocational High Schools (SMK), the opportunity of internship cooperation in international companies, and international standard training plan for vocational students.

Muhadjir said vocational education has become part of the focus of Indonesia’s education policy direction by focusing on the preparation of vocational graduates in accordance with the needs of the workforce. He explained the urgency is in the need for vocational preparation of abilities to match jobs. Surely it takes cooperation on all sides. Moreover, there are four additional vocational competencies that are required such as, marine and maritime, tourism, and agriculture.

Meanwhile, the Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy to India, Iwan Pranoto said the direction of cooperation between Indonesia and India in the field of vocational education is not to imitate each other. The cooperation is more in providing strategic steps to prepare skilled manpower. He explained that the common characteristics of Indonesia with India in the large populations could be potentially beneficial for both countries. The possible cooperation is in the form of sending practitioners from India to teach students in Indonesia.


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