Kemenristekdikti Sends 13 Researchers Abroad

Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) sent 13 teams of researchers to eight countries through the Research Apprenticeship Program. Director General of Research and Development Strengthening Kemristekdikti, Muhammad Dimyati, said, this program is an implementation of components of two Research and Innovation in Science and Technology Projects (RESEARCH-Pro) whose financing comes from the World Bank loan.

The researchers selected were those from eight fields of national research foci, namely health, food, advanced materials, information technology, energy, maritime, disaster mitigation, social and humanities. They will follow a three-month internship. They will spread out in eight partner countries, namely the United States, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Japan, China, and India. The participants dispatched were derived from LIPI, BPPT, BATAN, LAPAN, the Eijkman Institute, and IPB.

Furthermore, he said, he expects this program could improve the ability of researchers through partnerships. Thus future publication capabilities and encouragement for the patenting of inventions and innovations could increase as well. Dimyati added, researchers will be accompanied by a team assigned to learn about policy in strengthening research, so that the knowledge could be applied later to formulate policies to improve research within the country.

Meanwhile, Director General of Science and Technology Resources Kemristekdikti, Ali Ghufron Mukti, hopes that each participant could publish the results of the programs followed and if necessary could generate patents.
He added that foreign researchers consider the subject of research in Indonesia is so abundant, but not many Indonesian researchers write them in scientific journals. He further said the RESEARCH-pro Program still opened opportunity for doctoral (S3) study abroad this year.




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