Menristekdikti: Rector Election Should not Be Legally and Morally Flawed

Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) Mohamad Nasir asserted the election of university rectors should not be legally and morally flawed. According to him, the problems in the election of rectors at universities had previously not appeared, now they appear. He also confirmed the election of rectors of state universities of legal entities, state universities of public service agencies, polytechnics and academies must comply with Menristekdikti Regulation No. 1 Year 2015 On Appointment and Dismissal of Rector / Chairman / Director at State Universities.

Nasir said he had to really make improvements, obey the rules and must produce quality rectors and run the universities well. Currently the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) has taken steps to resolve the problems related to the electoral process of rectors in four state universities (PTN). The four state universities were the University of Manado (UNIMA), North Sumatra University (USU), University of Haluoleo (UHO) and the University of Musamus Merauke (UNMUS).

In the selection and appointment of the rector there were four stages that needed to be conducted, namely the netting, screening, selection and induction. The four processes are very prone to irregularities. Therefore Kemristekdikti opened reporting space should there be suspected abusive practices in rector elections.

In the election of the rector, 65 percent of the votes come from the senate or council of trustees (WMA) and 35 percent from Menristekdikti.  Nasir also emphasized, he did not open opportunity to meet with the rector candidates so that the election assessment refers to the quality and ability of the candidates.

Menristekdikti explained, for USU there were problems in the election of MWA members due to procedure of electing one man one vote was not carried out. For its solution, Kemristekdikti formed an escort team for problem solving as well as make improvements on WMA election regulations with new provisions. Then waged re-election of MWA members then rector election. Another issue that arose concerned the admission of new students involving the money game.

While in UNIMA, rector election had been completed but a problem was found because the learning process of the old officials was incorrect so as a candidate was canceled. Then a re-election was conducted. After a candidate was selected, further exploring was necessary because there were complaints from the public that this candidate used a fake diploma.



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