Teacher Education Revitalization since Selection Phase

Kompas, page 13, Saturday,Oct, 15

Revitalization of education personnel educational institutions or LPTK is increasingly urgent because education determines the progress of the nation. Overhaul of the teacher education system should start from the beginning, since the selection of prospective education students. This is one of the cores of the 8th Indonesian Education National Convention (Konaspi VIII), October 12 – 15 in Jakarta. Rector of State University of Malang Ahmad Rofiudin explained improvement of education paradigm in Indonesia should start from its base, namely teacher education. Recruitment or selection system of teacher education should be improved to obtain qualified educators.

Currently, LPTK selection is almost the same as non-LPTK university admissions selection. The entrance pathway is divided into SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and independent testing. In fact, there should be a special selection for prospective student teachers to make sure they are interested and suitable to undergo the teaching profession.

Rector of the State University of Yogyakarta Rochmat Wahab said LPTK admissions should not be done through the same tests as universities in general. There should be tests of academic potential and interest-aptitude test as prospective educators. Wahab proposed prospective students include portfolios for selection. By doing so, LPTK can determine whether the candidate is truly interested in becoming a teacher. He warned, as a profession, the education of prospective teachers should not be perfunctory. Through a rigorous selection and in-depth teacher training, teacher quality will be formed.

Separately, Professor of the Academy of Education at the University of Turku, Finland, Erno Lehtinen, states, Finland imposes selection and rigorous education for teachers. Based on a number of international researches, this country has the best education system in the world. Erno outlines, to enter primary school classroom teacher education, prospective students must send the national exam score and follow a two-stage test, namely the university entrance exam and suitability test for education academy. After that, teachers will undergo undergraduate education program for about seven years. During that period, they are forged pedagogical aspects, learning content, student psychology, and teaching practice.



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