Thorough Discussion Needed for Changes in Education System

Media Indonesia, page 12

The discourse on revamping the primary (SD) and secondary (SMP) sectors of school education is believed to have a positive impact on the student learning system. However, this plan must be followed by proper preparation and in depth review.

Doni Koesoema, an education observer, said that there are too many subjects for students to learn in SD and SMP. This has the potential of becoming a burden on the students. The discourse to revamp the portion of subjects is one of efforts to resolve this problem.

Whichever alternative is selected, it must make the learning process correspond to the level of development of the students. To date, the curriculum for SD and SMP contains science materials that do not fit with their level of knowledge.

In addition, should there be a decrease in the number of subjects this also needs to be discussed from the teachers’ point of view. If this is to be a long-term plan, curriculum policies at educational personnel training institutions (LPTK) should also be reviewed. Doni added that reducing the number of subjects must be balanced with a clear concept for character building.

Minister of National Education Muhadjir Effendy said that President Jokowi had previously requested total changes in the education system. He instructed the Minister to establish a strong and characterized education. Character building will become the focus for SD and SMP level.



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