Vice President: Campus Has Role in Raising National Competitiveness

Kompas, page 12

The decline in the competitiveness ranking of Indonesia   from 37th to 41st from 138 countries in the world has continued to become a government concern.    The role of universities or campuses has been to assist the government’s efforts in raising the nation’s competitiveness. Vice President (Wapres) Jusuf Kalla reminded that universities are institutions whose function is to generate qualified human resources (SDM). Meanwhile, SDM is the determinant of the high or low level of the nation’s competitiveness.

According to the Vice President, natural resources alone would not be enough to make our nation competitive among other nations.  This also applies to Indonesia which has abundant natural resources. The country would still have difficulty in winning the competition if it did not have qualified human resources. One of the tasks of universities was to create   qualified human resources.

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Muhammad Nasir has also asked campus circles to continue developing researches and create new innovations. This was because one of the factors in the decline of Indonesia’s competitiveness ranking was due to the decline in the innovation index. According to an evaluation by  the World Economic Forum,  Indonesia’s innovation index was  still at 4.0 and the rating dropped from 30th in 2015 to 31st.



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