2 Years Jokowi-JK: There is no Follow Up on the 12 Year Compulsory Education


One of the campaign promises delivered by Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla in the education world is the 12 year compulsory education, but until the two years of their performance, there have been no signs that the 12-year compulsory education has been successfully implemented.

However, according to education observer Doni Koesoema, until now there has been no follow-up policy on the 12 year compulsory education.  So the government does not yet know the mechanism, the system and what needs to be done to enhance education into the 12 year compulsory education.

So far, the compulsory education was only 9 years, and even this has not yet been well organized.   “This nine year compulsory education alone is still faltering for students in primary and junior high because the Smart Indonesia Cards have not been distributed across the entire region,” he said. Doni hopes, the implementation of compulsory education to 12 years could be realized.  He affirmed that on the campaign promise of 12 year compulsory education, there has been no follow up to date.

Link: http://news.okezone.com/read/2016/10/17/65/1516908/2-tahun-jokowi-jk-wajib-belajar-12-tahun-belum-ada-tindak-lanjut



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