Completion Target of Program for 5,000 Doctors by 2024

Republika, page 12

The scholarship program for 5,000 doctoral candidates for educators and lecturers of Keagamaan Islam University (PTKI) has a target for completion by 2024. This program is expected to be able to greatly improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

Directorate of Islamic Higher Education of the Ministry of Religious Affair (Kemenag), Prof. Dr. Amsal Bahtiar said that the program will continue every year. A goodly number of people have already registered this year. With more educators of doctorate degree level in Indonesia, educational services will be improved. The quality of lecturers will also advance.

Amsal explained that this will provide a positive impact in the world of education. It will also have a major impact on the accreditation of study programs and their institutions. The program for 5,000 doctors from Dirjen of Islamic Education targets its completion by 2024 and 2025 at the latest. There will be some 600 to 700 participants in this program each year.

Meanwhile, Kasubdit Ketenagaan of Directorate of Islamic Higher Education, Drs. Imam Safe’i said that there are many who are interested in this doctoral program. Despite the quota of 750 people being provided, only 527 participants have registered for this year. While there is a limitation in the budget, the number of participants has been increasing compared to just 452 people last year. This program is expected to improve the qualification and competencies of the lecturers.



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