Kemenristek-Dikti Contracts Foreign Professors

Indopos, page 3

To keep pace with the publication of research at the international level, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek-Dikti) boosted the doctoral development program. In addition, the government is also conducting research cooperation with developed countries. Menristekdikti Muhammad Nasir said the countries prepared to cooperate are the United States, Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Nasir said that, in addition to research his party is proposing a budget for the program of foreign professors. The program plans to target 200 to 500 universities to be driven into world-class universities. Nasir said that if the budget is approved by the House, beginning in 2017, this program will be implemented and targeting universities one by one.

Related to the program, Kemenristek-Dikti has coordinated with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights for visa arrangement and the Ministry of Manpower related to Employment of Foreign Workers of academic developers. Nasir added that the program of cooperation of foreign professors is not necessarily solely for the sake of money, but how Indonesia could catch up on publications at the international level.


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