Less Homework, Limit the Assignment to Work on LKS

Jawa Pos, page 8

Minister of National Education, Muhadjir Effendy, supported the ban on teachers giving homework (PR) to students, private courses, and the learning method using the student worksheet (LKS). However, his Ministry has not issued any official regulation for such a ban. This statement from Mendikbud was issued at the opening of World Culture Forum (WCF) 2016 in Bali and received a variety of responses from a number of parties including teachers.

Headmaster of SDN Airlangga 1, Agnes Warsiati, said that LKS to support students’ learning has not been used in her school for some time. She explained that learning books published by Kemendikbud already have complete contents. However, she disagreed with the policy to ban PR since it has an important role to play in the students’ academic development.

Meanwhile, certain schools still consider that LKS is important for supporting students’ learning. One of them is SD Ahmad Yani, whose headmaster Anis Soeparlin said that LKS is important for parents to know whether or not their children understand the learning materials from school. Through LKS, parents can acknowledge their children understanding when the children ask for their help in doing their homework.

Chairman of Indonesian Teachers’ Association (PGRI) for East Java, Ichwan Sumadi, revealed that PR can be given as long as it does not burden the students. However, the most important issue for students at the present time is how they can study in a fun way both at school and at home.



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