Schools Must Monitor KIP Distribution

Media Indonesia, page 10

The deadline for the distribution of Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP) will be at the end of the year, prompting the government represented by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) to oblige schools to  monitor the distribution  of KIPs which are  still withheld  at the sub-district offices, villages  and village offices.

Director General of Primary and Secondary Education of Kemdikbud, Hamid Muhammad, said that Kemdikbud has asked  schools  to monitor the KIPs  which are  still withheld  in the village offices. It is also stated in the Mendikbud Circular Letter No. 9 Year 2016  on Accelerating the Reporting and Disbursement  of the Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP). In the circular letter, Kemendikbud has asked the stakeholders to report  of  KIPs which  are withheld or returned, via online to

All stakeholders  were asked to assist students  who have received the KIPs to report to the education units  where they study by registering their KIPs  to the Dapodik application. Hamid has informed that the registrations should  be  completed by the end of October. He has also appealed to the schools to facilitate their education units with the participating banks which are BRI and BNI,  so that  the selected students as beneficiaries  of the Smart Indonesia program could immediately withdraw the funds.



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