Indonesia is in Shortage of 91,861 Productive Teachers

Kompas, page 1

The main problem in improving the quality of vocational graduates is the inadequate number of productive  teachers or teachers who teach SMK competence subjects. Indonesia is now in shortage of 91,861 productive teachers. From that amount, the largest deficit is experienced by private SMKs which is  50,000 people. Whereas for the state SMKs the deficit is 41,861 productive teachers. Currently there are 13,552 SMKs. Most of them are private vocational schools, namely 10,084 schools. The remainder 3,468 are state SMKs.

In addition to productive teachers for the competence field subjects , there are two other teacher categories in SMK. Both are teachers for normative or compulsory subjects as well as  teachers for adaptive or basic expertise subjects. In order to overcome the shortage, Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Sumarna Surapranata said that the government has conducted conversions of functions of existing teachers and recruited new teachers. The conversion program is expected to provide 30,000 teachers in 2016-2017.

Director General of Institutions for  Science, Technology and Higher Education, of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Patdono Suwignjo said that it will be difficult to overcome  the shortage problem  if it uses the normal channel or waiting  for new  productive program graduates from the education personnel school/institutions (LPTK). Thus to attract  polytechnics graduates to become SMK teachers, the government has pledged to provide D-4 scholarship,  service contracts, as well as guarantee to become civil servant (PNS) teachers.

Meanwhile, Principal of Puger SMK in Jember, East Java, Kuntjoro B Dhiyauddin lamented the instant approach of Kemdikbud to overcome the shortage of productive teachers by converting the existing teachers. According to him, on the ground there are temporary productive teachers with relevant educational backgrounds and have competency certificates. According to Kuntjoro, it is difficult to get productive teachers especially in the maritime field. Those who have the expertise   certificates prefer to work on ships because their welfare is assured. Therefore, there should be an incentive for people to be willing to become productive teachers.



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