National Examination Reviewed

Media Indonesia, page 13

The government is currently reviewing the National Examination (UN), revealed Minister of National Education (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy, at a working meeting with Commission X DPR at the Parliament Building Jakarta, yesterday.

He said that his Ministry will carry out an internal review of UN. Such a review is undertaken since UN is no longer the determinant of graduation. Kemendikbud will review its benefits due to a limited budget. In 2016, the budget for holding UN and distributing UN sheets was predicted to amount to Rp94 billion. In addition, the government must also hold remedial UN for those who desire better grades.

Commission X DPR approved the highest limit of the budget for Kemendikbud on the State Budget Draft (RAPBN) 2017 in the amount of Rp39.823 trillion. Such an amount is similar to that expected by Kemendikbud in its budget proposal.

One of the members of Commission X DPR, I Wayan Koster, said that there is budget cut in certain ministries. However, especially for education, the Budget Committee of DPR decided that there will be no budget cut for Kemendikbud.

On the other hand, Commission X DPR evaluated that the Smart Indonesia Program (PIP) for those outside of school or non-students is not realistic because it might be difficult to invite children to return to school. Koster predicted that in actual practice this will not be easy. Moreover, the basic data used are from Statistics Indonesia (BPS) which differ from the report from Education Basic Data (Dapodik).

Koster, therefore, asked the government to review its approach to calculating the actual number that will be the target. In line with Koster’s opinion, another member of Commission X DPR, Laila Istiana, also questioned the PIP receivers for non-students and proposed the same issue on the difficulty in getting candidates to join the program.



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