Demanding the Gems of Indonesia Smart Card

Republika, page 5

Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) has become the front-line institution for realizing the campaign promises of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to launch Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) and Indonesia Health Card (KIS). Despite the change in Minister, the KIP program will continue to be a priority.

Several times the government has determined the target for KIP distribution but has always failed in on-time distribution. Data from Kemendikbud per 28 September 2016 show that from the total target of 17.9 million KIP, some 17,067,951 (95.2%) have been received by Hold House Target (RTS) and the remaining 765,193 (4.3%) of cards are still in the process of being distributed while 94,164 (0.5%) cards were returned by those receiving them.

Mendikbud Muhadjir who planned to complete the distribution by 31 August 2016 must revise the target and require all KIP distribution to be discontinued by the end of September, after which, KIP will be distributed by a new method.

Muhadjir will change the mechanism for KIP distribution per October 2016 by distributing KIP directly to schools based on basic education data (Dapodik). This way should reduce the long distribution chain. Direct distribution of KIP will help children who cannot afford to attend school and might drop out of school because of failing to pay for school tuition.

According to Dapodik, there are 10,793,830 students who have registered cards as KIP receivers at schools/educational institutions. In order that the funds for underprivileged students can be distributed to the right target, Kemendikbud will extend the deadline of KIP registration to Dapodik until December 2016 as stipulated in Circular Letter Number 19/D/SE/2016.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Smart Indonesia Movement, Yanti Yulianti, wished to use the remaining quota of KIP and suggested adding more receivers of KIP benefits. She noted that there are at least eight groups included as receivers of KIP benefits.



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